Looking up from underneath, fractured moonlight on the sea, reflections still look the same to me as before I went under.

Ted: Excuse me, hi!
Tracy: Hi!
Ted: I'm th-
Tracy: The best man, yeah get in here get in here get in here *moves the umbrella over Ted*
Ted: Thanks, here, let me *takes umbrella*
Tracy: Oh uh ok, thank you.
Ted: Great show tonight
Tracy: Oh, thank you!
Ted: You're Cindy's ex-roommate, right?
Tracy: Yeah... and you are the Professor. I took one of your classes
Ted: Really? Which one?
Tracy: Econ 305.
Ted: Econ 305? I don't teach... oh no.
Tracy: Ooh yeah
Ted: Excuse me, I'm just going to jump on the tracks now...
Tracy: No, no, no, no don't you were great, you were great.
Ted: Wait a second... this is my umbrella. I left this umbrella at Cindy's you totally stole my umbrella!
Tracy: What? No I didn't! This is my umbrella, I bought this.
Ted: Excuse me, it even has my initials on it right here; T.M. - Ted Mosby.
Tracy: Yeah, look again 'Ted Mosby', those are my initials T.M. - Tracy McConnell.
Ted: Ummm... no 'Tracy McConnell' it's T.M. - Totally My umbrella
Tracy: Uhhh you're T.M. - Terribly Mistaken, because this umbrella has always belonged T.M. - To Me. Although, I did lose it for a few years there, um... so I went to this dance club-
Ted: On St. Patrick's Day...
Tracy: On St. Patrick's Day...
Ted: And you left it there...
Tracy: And I left it there...
Ted: And you never thought you'd see it again...
Tracy: And I never thought I'd see it again... funny how sometimes you just... find things.
Ted: Hi.
Tracy: Hi!

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